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A Technical Committee was established, currently constituted by representatives of the University of Sassari and the University of Cagliari and with the participation of company delegates, that looks after the controls on the products and within the companies, by ensuring that the Product Specifications of Production are respected.
A trademark was given the job of making the Traditional Myrtle liqueur from Sardinia easily recognized. In 1997, the Association obtained the registration of the "Liquore Mirto di Sardegna Tradizionale  - Associazione Produttori" (Traditional Myrtle Liqueur from Sardinia - Producers' Association") trademark from the Italian Patent and Trademark office of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Crafts.
This trademark only identifies those bottles certified by the Association and safeguards the image of this very original liqueur produced on the island.
In the years following, the Association continued strengthening its concept of quality and favouring member companies of the Association by implementing the HACCP Self-Control System for the prevention of hygienic-sanitary hazards and in 2000, it obtained Quality Certification according to ISO 9000 standards.
These actions were aimed at achieving the goal the Association set itself from the moment it was founded: product-recognition by the European Community.
Thanks to support by Confindustria Sardegna and Federvini (Italian Association of Industrial Producers, Exporters and Importers of Wines, Spirits, Syrups and Vinegars), the Association submitted the European Committee with a request to modify EEC Reg. no. 1576/89 (which establishes the general rules concerning the definition, designation and presentation of alcoholic drinks and has the goal of reserving the use of those names of a geographic nature to certain products, with the aim to ensure that the consumer is provided with information concerning the provenance of a product characterized by the raw materials used or by particular elaboration techniques) to include myrtle liqueur from Sardinia in the list of alcoholic drinks recognized by the European Community. (Although the list - last updated in 1989 - includes and defines alcoholic substances from juniper fruit, it does not include myrtle alcoholic drinks).
Pending recognition by the European Community, the Association's activity in favour of promoting the product continued and in 2000, myrtle liqueur from Sardinia was added to the list of traditional products recognized by Italian national regulations (Legislative Decree no. 173/98, sec. 8, sub-section 1).
The Association then begun a project for the voluntary certification of the product. In December 2004, after a detailed inquiry by CSQA (an independent Italian certifying body), it obtained product certification conforming to DTP standard 073 - Disciplinare Tecnico (Technical Product Specifications) for conformity certification of the product Traditional Myrtle Liqueur from Sardinia - with respect to the following requirements:
- provenance of the berries from the Sardinian Region
- lack of flavouring and colouring

This certifying institution ensures that the Technical Product Specifications, which contain the management modalities of the requirements subject to certification, are respected and periodically carries out controls on physical and chemical parameters and on the production process.
Therefore, the Association's actions are based on preserving and promoting the product and are in line with current consumer trends and the general market, which tend to increasingly prefer the quality of products, thus favouring a consistent demand for agricultural and food products that are the result of specific production traditions.

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