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Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean. Its natural habitat, wild and unspoiled, is unique and extraordinarily varied, to the point that the island is often compared to a tiny continent.
We move from the crystal-clear sea washing up on white or rose-coloured beaches, where some of the last existing monk seals occasionally appear, to the vast sunny prairies and canyons that seem to have been the set for "Stagecoach", to the dense dark forests, home of moufflon and deer, to the mountains, where eagles an griffon-vultures circle overhead.
It is a land with an ancient and unique civilization, that of the "nuraghi", overlaid down trough the centuries with traces of the peoples who passed through it: the Phoenicians, the Carthiginians, the Romans, the Vandals, the Arabs an the Spanish.
Sardinia borrowed customs and traditions from all of them, traditions which still live on side by side with those which are even older and more profound, creating a unique, genuine homogeneity.
Sardinia is a land of silence and vast spaces, of reserved, generous people, of the cult of hospitality, of priceless, inimitable handicrafts and of a simple, superb cuisine.
Discovering it involves embarking on a voyage thousand of years and thousand of kilometres long, in pursuit of that mysterious fascination that can become an obsession.
It is a sensation rooted in the flavour and fragrance of this land, which is perhaps that of "Mirto".

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